Patty - Treasurer & Equipment Manager; Case Manager
Patty has had personal paranormal experiences since childhood. She has been conducting paranormal research using objective methods since 2001.

Terri – Research & Membership Manager; Case Manager
Terri has over twenty years of experience in metaphysical, parapsychological and occult studies. She is a practitioner of tarot, reiki, jin shin jyutsu, crystal layouts, DNA activation and shamanistic therapies.

“He who looks outside, dreams; he who looks inside, awakens.”

Chuck – Manager, Investigator and EVP Specialist
Chuck has had several paranormal experiences in his life, fueling his passion in the search for answers and understanding.  For years, he has managed his own investigation team (Paranormal Help of California) as well as several IRC-based chat rooms, devoted to helping people who believe they are experiencing a paranormal event.  As an engineer and a paranormal investigator, he strives for a balanced approach.

Rob – Website Manager
A non-sensitive and having no paranormal experiences himself, Rob could be the most skeptical of the group. Fascinated with people’s experiences, he believes there is more out there than what can be explained and is determined to find evidence of this. With a degree in Anthropology, he understands the influence culture has on belief systems. Professionally, Rob is director of product development for a video capture system company. When he’s not working, he’s a musician and audiophile (which helps with listening to EVPs) and trains in the martial art of Tiger Crane Kung Fu.

Bud - Investigator
Bud’s paranormal interest started as a child with a TV show called “one step beyond.” Since then he has always had an interest but never pursued it until a few years ago with the use of digital camera’s. Bud noticed the “orbs”  in the pictures and started to investigate further. Though he has  had had no personal paranormal activity, he still believes there are forces beyond our own reality.

Deborah - Investigator
Deborah has been curious about the paranormal for many years.  Having had no personal experiences herself, she approaches the paranormal with a scientific, skeptical eye.

Mandy – Investigator
Driven by a lifelong fascination of the paranormal, Mandy founded CPR to build a team of informed, level-headed researchers to document the possible existence of paranormal activity honestly, logically, and sensibly.

George – Investigator
George has become more interested in the paranormal since his daughter has said things such as “look at all the people” when passing a graveyard, and “who is that boy?” while riding in the car with his wife.  George enjoys doing research, and verifying the equipment readings.  George hopes to help people whenever possible.

James – Investigator
James being one of the sensitives in the group, has had paranormal experiences since childhood.  Because of this, he has continued to explore the paranormal world and has focused on learning how to communicate with it.  With an educated background in business, marketing, and psychology, James brings an analytical attitude and cutting edge ideas to the group.

Nicki – Investigator
Nicki is a skeptic who has had many personal paranormal experiences.  She contributes a background in research, as well as a degree in Psychology, which she hopes will contribute to the group on many levels.  She is driven by the desire to explain the unexplainable and to help those in need.

Theresa Rodgers - Investigator
My name is Theresa Rodgers and my interest in the Paranormal began when I was very young.  Growing up with a large family, there were always odd things happening in our homes.  Items missing for days, finding them in completely different areas of the house was a common thing.  Disembodied voices either mimicking a family member or simply someone calling out our name was also common.  So when my kids started experiencing metaphysical experiences and seeing apparitions….I decided to do more research and was blessed to meet the CPR Team that helped my family with our haunted home, paranormal experiences and taught us how to cope and resolve issues that we had in the past.  I work in a hospital environment and have many paranormal experiences there as well.  I guess you can say the Paranormal has always been a huge part of my life and with these valuable life experiences, nothing gives me more pleasure than to help those in need.