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Busting Ghosts – Nevada Union seniors team up on spirited project

Mar 9, 2011   //   by rob   //   Blog, Investigations  //  No Comments

CPR recently joined a couple Nevada Union high school seniors to assist with a paranormal investigation which they chose to do for their senior projects.

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We have brought back data from the out-of-state investigation that is still undergoing analysis. Stay tuned for results!

1904 Victorian house in San Jose (2010 – ongoing)

May 17, 2010   //   by Terri   //   Investigations  //  No Comments

Due to the immense activity here, we continue to do investigations at this location.  There is so much activity here, that when we go back to do reveals, we get more EVP’s and strong KII sessions.  Something here loves for us to visit and make contact.  Our KII sessions have lasted an hour or more at a time.  Very strong and very intellectual.  Seems to be infatuated with our KII meters.  Stay tuned for EVP’s and possible pics.  More investigations here to come!

Civil War Forts (North Carolina – March 2010)

May 17, 2010   //   by Terri   //   Investigations  //  No Comments

Brian, of our group, California Paranormal Research, was able to investigate some Civil War sites in North Carolina.  EVP’s and pics to come!

San Jose Home (February 2010)

May 17, 2010   //   by Terri   //   Investigations  //  No Comments

At this location, the client had experienced many paranormal occurances.  The smoke detector would go off, objects would move, dark shadows were seen coming in from the backyard area through the sliding glass door, and into the living room area.  The client’s children had had experiences with seeing apparitions.

During our investigation we were able to get numerous EVP’s and also during an EVP session, where we were trying to get the presence to move or knock over one of our equipment pieces on the floor of the living room, one of our larger EMFs fell over.  Fortunately this was caught on a video camera.  EVP’s and video coming soon!

Groveland Hotel (Groveland, Ca – February 2010)

May 17, 2010   //   by Terri   //   Investigations  //  No Comments

This is a fantastic, cozy, friendly, and rustic hotel.  Near the entrance to Yosemite, it is haunted by “Lyle”.  Lyle was a resident here until his death in 1927.  He was found in his bedroom with dynamite under his bed. He was a panner for gold.  Many visitors have seen or experienced “Lyle” throughout the hotel.  Peggy Mosley (owner), very friendly and entertaining,  told us many stories of experiences by guests, and also things she has encountered since she took over and remodeled this wonderful place.  We will definitely go back.

Terri (me) and Nicki, of our group, California Paranormal Research, had the opportunity to investigate this hotel with Susan of SPI Paranormal Group.  Before we even left our room, Nicki and I had some interaction with “someone” on our Ghost Box.  We also had voice recorders on while we got ready for dinner, which had some EVP’s on them that Chuck recovered for us.  Later we investigated in three groups, Lyle’s room, a few other bedrooms, the wine cellar, kitchen and dining areas.  There was some activity on the ovilus and CPR recovered more EVP’s (courtesy of Chuck) on our recorders.  EVP’s to come.  Also I will be profiling this hotel in our Historical section.

Residence near the Santa Teresa Bernal Rancheria (San Jose – January 2010)

May 17, 2010   //   by Terri   //   Investigations  //  No Comments

This house is in a neighborhood of San Jose where Native American Indian bodies were uncovered while a neighbor was landscaping.  Also in this area, a small plane went down and two passengers were killed in the 1990′s.  The occupants of this house have experienced strange occurances over many years.  To the point where some of the residents will not stay home alone out of fear.  Visitors here have seen apparitions, including at the top of the stairs, and in the garage area.  There have been numerous footsteps and strange sounds throughout.  One resident almost felt “possessed” by an entity at one point.

During our investigation of this large, beautiful home, we had strange feelings of something running from us, uncovered many EVP’s, and video of “something” coming out from under a bed and into the hallway.  EVP’s and video to come!

Villisca Ax Murder House (Villisca, Iowa – December 2009)

May 17, 2010   //   by Terri   //   Investigations  //  No Comments

The Villisca Ax Murder House is the famously haunted location of the J.B. Moore family murders on June 10, 1912.  An unknown intruder entered the house in the wee hours and killed eight people, Mr. and Mrs. Moore, their four children, and two child friends.

Nicki with our group, California Paranormal Research, was fortunate to investigate this grisly murder site along with AGH (Chad of American Ghost Hunter as seen on Paranormal State).  EVP’s to come!

Home on the Rancho de los Coches (San Jose – December 2009)

May 17, 2010   //   by Terri   //   Investigations  //  No Comments

This small house is located on the Rancho de los Coches.  It is a few hundred feet from the Roberto-Sunol Adobe (1836), previously owned by Roberto Bellarmino, a Native American Indian who was from the Mission Santa Clara.  When he was given his freedom, he bought 2,219 acres here.  Antonio Sunol acquired, and later Captain Stefano Splivalo, a sea captain. A house was built adjoining the adobe.  Rancho de los Coches was a grape vineyard, and later a sheep farm.

We received numerous EVP’s and KII activity here on this historical land.

Grant Ranch (Halls Valley, Ca – November 2009)

May 17, 2010   //   by Terri   //   Investigations  //  No Comments

Grant Ranch, located in Halls Valley, East of San Jose, is a historical gem.  The original house was built in 1882.  Joseph D. Grant remodeled, adding a cook house, servant’s quarters, other houses and buildings, a rose garden, and a large aviary.  This is Werwersen Ohlone Indian land.

During our investigation, we received numerous EVP’s, ovilus activity, and (3) digital pictures of “something” forming on the property.  Will be adding soon!  Also, we will be adding more info on the Grant Ranch under our “historical” section.

Ukiah UFO Ranch (October 2009)

May 17, 2010   //   by Terri   //   Investigations  //  No Comments

This is a ranch with the utmost paranormal activity.  Everything from poltergeist and paranormal activity within the ranch house and guest quarters, to various mysterious lights, encounters,sightings, voices, unknown beings, and all-around strange occurances on the ranch itself.  This is an on-going investigation for us, since it is sporadic activity.  Pics to come.


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