Groveland Hotel (Groveland, Ca – February 2010)

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This is a fantastic, cozy, friendly, and rustic hotel.  Near the entrance to Yosemite, it is haunted by “Lyle”.  Lyle was a resident here until his death in 1927.  He was found in his bedroom with dynamite under his bed. He was a panner for gold.  Many visitors have seen or experienced “Lyle” throughout the hotel.  Peggy Mosley (owner), very friendly and entertaining,  told us many stories of experiences by guests, and also things she has encountered since she took over and remodeled this wonderful place.  We will definitely go back.

Terri (me) and Nicki, of our group, California Paranormal Research, had the opportunity to investigate this hotel with Susan of SPI Paranormal Group.  Before we even left our room, Nicki and I had some interaction with “someone” on our Ghost Box.  We also had voice recorders on while we got ready for dinner, which had some EVP’s on them that Chuck recovered for us.  Later we investigated in three groups, Lyle’s room, a few other bedrooms, the wine cellar, kitchen and dining areas.  There was some activity on the ovilus and CPR recovered more EVP’s (courtesy of Chuck) on our recorders.  EVP’s to come.  Also I will be profiling this hotel in our Historical section.

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