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Investigation: Brookdale Lodge – May 17, 2008

California Paranormal Research was granted permission to conduct an investigation at the The Brookdale Inn & Spa on May 17, 2008 in Brookdale, California. Below are some samples of the evidence gathered from the investigation conducted that evening.

Personal Experience:

Bud & Deborah (Rm 4): Sat, early evening – Bud was laying on the bed and felt something rolling around his right calf. A pressure like two magnets pushing away from each other. Along with this was a cold spot. Bud lifted his head to see if his pant leg was moving but could not see anything. He called Deborah over and she felt the cold spot but could not see anything moving. Bud then felt it move in-between his calves, like a cat would to get comfortable or warm.

Sun, around 5AM – The exact same thing happened to her!

EVPs – Total 4:

Brook Room: The “Look at me” clip was from the 3rd level of the Brook Room in the corner (over the bridge). Sounds like a little girl. Possibly Sarah.

Patty Bud Brook Room – Look At Me

The Mermaid Room: “taps” were in the mermaid room. Bud and Patty were sitting in chairs facing the middle of the dance floor.  Taps happened as response to questions. Sounds almost like a bouncing ball.

Knocks Mermaid Room Patty Bud

Cabin: Just as Patty and Bud walked into the cabin – whisper on recorder “Turn off the light” then twice you hear “Hey!”……..”Hey!” They did not hear this with their own ears. It did not show up on the camcorder which was sitting next to the digital voice recorder. It is possible that this came from an outside source.

Whisper and Hey Hey


This picture is an example of how someone could perceive it as an orb.  What actually happened is the person holding the camera moved his hand when the flash went off.  This is not an orb.

For more information on The Brookdale Inn & Spa (Formerly known as Brookdale Lodge), visit their website at

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