Round Room (2009) Grass Valley, Ca

May 17, 2010   //   by Terri   //   Investigations  //  3 Comments

In the late 1960′s, this was a seance and ritual spot of Dr. Anton LaVey’s, founder of the Church of Satan in San Francisco.  He owned a house in this area and also this property.  There is a large pentagram in the center of the cement floor, a burned-out campfire , and various graffiti.  It is surrounded by quartz crystal deposits.  Residents in the area have witnessed LaVey’s commune in white robes conducting sacrifices in the past.  LaVey has since died (1997), and no longer does the Church of Satan use this area. The house and property still owned by the LaVey family. (Note: due to partyers and gang activity, neighbors watch this area constantly - no trespassing; will be prosecuted; permission must be given by owners) pics and possible EVP’s to come!


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